Amazing weekend

Wow! What a weekend. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Zap and Bob did so amazingly well. Of course there was moments of chaos, but there were runs that amazed me as well.

On Saturday the first two runs with Bob and Zap and Poncho's first run was pretty chaotic. Zap thought he was at the start line to greet all the other dogs, and Bob wanted his toy rather than running the course.

In Jumpers they both surprised me. Bob ran clean in two out of two getting two legs toward jumpers 2. Only miner mistakes kept Zap from running clean as well.

Poncho ran clean in agility 1 and earned a leg and a fifth place. One more leg and he is in class 2. It is amazing how talented and fast the class 1 handlers and dogs have become! I remember when you only had to run clean in an okay time to win the class. Today you can't afford to loose time.

Sunday was great as well although Zap and Bob was obviously tired from the day before. Again some of the runs were chaos and some were awesome. Only Poncho ran agility open. We got eliminated, but that doesn't matter because he had perfect running contacts on both the A-frame and dog walk.

Bob drop one bar in open Jumpers and Poncho two -  otherwise great runs from both. Zap had a bit of the bumpy start but picked up nicely.

Jumpers 1 was a bit too difficult for Zap and Bob but Poncho ran clean, got a leg and earned the right to compete in Jumpers class 2 :) He got a 3rd place in the class.

The last course of the day was agility class 1. Poncho dropped two bars but showed perfect running contacts again. Bob had a blast and Zap ran clean besides from flying of the seesaw.

I am overwhelmed by how great the dogs performed. Zap and Bob haven't run a whole course before this weekend. It was so much fun to run each course several times. So all-in-all a fantastic weekend! Thanks to everyone for helping me getting the runs on tape, your comments and support :)

Videos of the Sunday's runs are coming soon!