Working Border's Jolie Patty
Date of Birth: 2009.02.11
DKK no.: DK03327/2009
Sex: Female
Height: 45.8 cm
Weight: 14,2 kg
Hips: D
OCD: Free
CEA DNA: optigen negative IMG_1343

Liva came to us in September 2010 from Kennel Solfari. Liva is staying with my parents - my mom and Liva turned out to be the perfect match.

Liva is truly a fascinating dog. She is confident, smart and handles stressed situations with ease. She gets along just fine with other dogs. I have never seen her act aggressively in any way - her body language is awesome and she can 'talk' her way out of any situation.

Liva is barely 46 cm high but don't be fooled by her small size. She can easily bounce 150 cm straight into the air and keeping up with the boys when out running is no problem.

A special thanks to Lone at Kennel Working Border for breeding Liva and to Jette at Kennel Solfari for letting her live with us.