Show in Hilleroed

It has been some really long days in Hilleroed this past weekend. I had a hard time concentration on my runs and my mental game wasn't nearly as good as last weekend.

Poncho had some great runs though. He knocked a couple of bars, but the times were fast enough to have placed him as 3rd i open agility and 9th in open jumpers out of eighty-something competitors. Pretty good for my crooked legged BC.

Compared to last weekend Zap went from cautious to speedy puppy, which meant he lacked information from me most of the time. I wasn't anywhere close to the positions I had planed to be in. I want some longer legs that can run faster :o) 
We did however manage to get placed as 5th in agility 1 with a refusal on the seesaw.

Bob lacked obstacle focus all Saturday which surprised me. On Sunday he was back to normal and ran clean in jumpers 1 besides from knocking the first bar.

Tina Hindsgaul and Michael Varding-Hasse took some great action photos of the dogs. The one below of Zap is my favorite. He looks so intense - just like his dad.

Hiller_d stævne 085

I forgot the video camera in the charger at home on Sunday, but a few of our runs from Saturday can be seen in the video below.