Show at Slagelse Hundesport

We participated in a class 1/2 show yesterday. Zap ran his first clean run and earned a leg in Jumpers 1. He also won the class!


Zap also got a 4th place in A1. Not a clean run, but I'm happy he got through such a difficult course without being eliminated. Zap and Bob both did a great job in the first jumpers of the day. Bob ran clean, but dropped the last bar and got 3rd place. Zap took 4th with a refusal on a tunnel.

My runs was way off in the morning especially those with Poncho. I was thinking too much about my handling and I didn't feel like I was in sync with the dogs at all. That combined with a very eager Poncho wasn't actually the best match.

Later in the day I got a better take on the mental part - amazing how a mp3 player with inspirational songs can boost your mood and thank you, Per, for the feedback on my runs!

Thanks to Kisser and Steen for a great show as always.