Long time no blogging

Summer vacation at last. Time to relax, train the dogs, enjoy the weather and take long walks in the woods. Next week my summer classes starts. On Monday a whole bunch of puppies will be here for a foundation agility class. It's going to be so much fun.


The summer classes is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge on dog training. The best part is seeing the students progress.

I have developed a fetish for baking. I really enjoy baking more than eating the bake goods. The summer classes are just an apology for me to bake. The students are definitely in for a treat. I'm thinking chocolate cup cakes with strawberry frosting :P

In about a week we are off to Dania Cup 2011 and the week after that we will be participating in BCC 2011. It's been nice to have a month break from competing but I sure am looking forward to these two events.

For the last month we have been working on skills; contacts, weaves, different kind of turns and only done a bit of sequencing. Tim filmed one of our training sessions. Zap has really done some incredible progress. Keep in mind he has only been training agility since spring.

I realized yesterday that Poncho has a 100 % accuracy on his running A-frame - pretty good. Zap's running A-frame is coming along nicely, but it takes time. He has a hard time adjusting his stride and he rather take one stride on the down plank than two. I realized I probably wont have time to fix it in between competitions this season, but I have the whole winter period to do so. I was using the box method, but I have decided use the same method I used with Poncho as I really love the way the performances the A-frame. I am positive this method will fit Zap as well.

Better get back to those ginger bread cookies now.