Web Shops and Dog Stuff

I want the best for my dogs, but I am student with limited resources so I want the good stuff as cheap as it gets. so here's a list of some of my favorite web shops:

Clean Run
Besides publishing the best agility magazine ever they also provide the ultimate web shop for the agility enthusiast. Unfortunately they only ship out from the US which might cost you extra duty if your package is stopped by the Danish customs. A trick is to buy one DVD at a time - the DVD will then be send as a letter instead of a package and therefore less likely to be stopped in customs - but there's no guarantees.

Camddwr Canine
A British web shop with great service and cheap Back on Track rugs and sheets. Well, Back on Track won't be cheap what ever you do, but a medium rug is 170 kr. less than those bought in DK and the shipping cost isn't that expensive. Plus they have a great DVD on contacts by Toni Dawkins.

The ultimate dog book web shop! They have everything on every topic. Bought most of my books here but they are also located in the US so look out for those custom expenses.

Canine Spirit
Ruff wear dealer in the UK. The original Ruff Wear shop located in the US does not ship internationally so this is a very good alternative. Even though you have to add shipping cost to your order you still save a great deal in comparison to the Danish prices.

Crash Test Toys
I just love their toys! They are simple, fun and durable plus they are made out of recycle - talking about cutting down on the CO2 ;)

Boomerang Tags
Last but not least: one of my personal favorites. I really hate that jingle sound the normal dog tags makes when the dog moves around. At boomerang tags they make collar tags! It's an ID tag you simple clip on to the dogs collar = no more jingle sounds - it's fantastic. Use Google to get the right measurement for centimeters converted to inches (write ex.: 3 cm in inches).

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photo (39) So there you have it; my favorite web shops - hope you find them useful.