Dania Cup & BCC 2011

In the past two weeks we have participated in two big international events. First Dania Cup and this weekend Border Collie Classic.

foto (8) Dania Cup was well organized as always. The dogs ran very well although we didn't manage to run clean at all that week. Minor faults kept us from a spot on the podium. Both Zap and Poncho showed great potential. They both ran fast enough to win or at least mingle with the best in their grade.

We participated in BCC on Friday. I ran Bob, Zap and Poncho. 12 runs in approximately 3 hours is a lot, but the results were great. I reached one of the goals I have been having for a very long time - placing 1st and 2nd in a class. Poncho won open jumpers and Zap took second place :o)))
Zap also took 3rd and Poncho 6th place in A1.

I am very proud of my doggies!

foto (6)