DAL 2012 1:4

We ran the first of four DAL courses on Thursday at the agility center in Herringløse. It was our first time ever running on artificial turf. I for one liked it better than running on real grass!

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I was scheduled to get off at the vet hospital at 12.30 in the afternoon, but things doesn't always go according to plan. I left the dogs at my mom's in the morning - just in case - this turned out to be the right decision as I left the hospital tree hours later than expected, and therefore wouldn't have had time to drive all the way home, pick up the dogs and still make it to DAL in time. If you were wondering why I was running barefooted that night, well that's because I left my agility bag with shoes, treats and toys at home. Good thing the dogs will play with whatever item I present to them.

We didn't run clean. Zap pulled out right before the last pole of the weaves and I didn't correct it. And Poncho... well Poncho saw a lot of value for the weaves at the wrong time.
It was great practice to run the course. Great seeing all our agility friends again and Zap enjoyed socializing with well-behaved dogs. Poncho was too focused on the task ahead to even notice the other dogs.

We have a couple of small training issues that needs to be fixed before our first out door trial on April 15th.