Major Breakthrough

regarding Poncho's running dog walk.

538492_3626322533173_1127328059_3505026_1240108206_n The biggest issue and main reason why I didn't finalize the RC training on the dog walk last year was Poncho's lack of focus ahead in the absence of a toy or toy placed behind an obstacle.

Whenever the toy was placed five meters after the dog walk Poncho would hit the contact with all four paws, but when I tried to add other obstacles he would shorten his stride on the down plank and only hit the top of the contact or not at all. He didn't jump the contact at any point.

Today I did a sequence with the plank and a short straight tunnel with a toy at the end. Poncho hit the contact a bit high on his first two attempts, which I did not reward and then it happened: he ran at full speed, hit the center of the contact, ran through the tunnel and straight to the toy!! How proud am I?!

There's no doubt in my mind that we will succeed this time!