More on Running Contacts

As you might already know I am just a tiny bit obsessed with running contacts. There's nothing like a dog running at full speed across the dog walk and hitting the down contact.

This spring I have been waiting impatiently for Susan Garrett to release her contact secret but as it turned out her class was way too expensive for me. Bummer!

Thankfully there are others out there that have successful running contacts and gives seminars on the subject. I have been admiring Daisy Peel's dog Solar contacts. I like the precision and speed he has on the dog walk, so to learn more on how Daisy has reached this consistent result with to dogs (her younger dog Juno as well) I am participating in her online running contact class as an auditioner.

So fare we've covered initial training which includes lots of work with the manners minder - Zap has enjoyed this part very much.

Daisy's way of teaching RC is very similar to Silvia's. Although I have succeed in teaching Poncho a running dog walk and A-frame I feel that I can always improve my skills and training method. The more I know the better I will be at planning my training and problem solving.