Vacation and Summer Classes

We haven't been up to much this past month. Basically just enjoying the simplicity of life. Summer classes are almost over and they have been a blast to teach! Hope the Fall classes will be the same.

photo (21)

In July we had a very special guest, Carina de Silva's Vini, staying with us for a couple of days while Carina competed in EO with Sookie. Zap and Vini had a blast!

photo (22)Poncho and Zap are showing great progress regarding our running contacts training. I increased the level of difficulty today and they still showed a rate of success well above 80 %. I am focusing on proofing their behavior against handling, turns and equipment before raising the plank further. The manners minder works really well for Zap, although the remote is not working properly - some times it dispenses although I haven't touched the botton?! I ordered a new training aid, a remote controlled ball thrower, and hopefully it will arrive next week at the latest. Think it will add even more speed to Zaps performance. He increases his speed a lot in the ring, so I have to remember so push him and really proof his understanding in training.

The video camera is in the charger so hopefully I will remember to get tomorrows training sessions filmed. I do believe that I on some level forgot to film our training on purpose. I'm not sure I'm ready for every to see what we've been working on ;)