Dremel Tool For Nail Trimming

I've been reading a lot about a nail trimming tool called Dremel on American dog blogs. It's a battery driven device that grinds your dog's nails.

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Zap HATES the nail clipper. He squiggles, shakes his paw and basically makes it impossible for me to trim his nails as short as they should be. Zap is a sensitive dog and although I did reinforce him a lot for being handled as a puppy he never grew accustom to grooming etc. Also I have never clipped his nails to short either - no blood ever!

Poncho on the other hand starts to drool when he sees the nail clipper. Nail clipper equals treats - so no problem trimming his nails.

I don't like running dogs on equipment if their nails are even slightly long. Many toe injuries are due to too long nails. So I went on and bought the dremel tool on Amazon. Zap likes the grinder much more than he likes the clipper. I love it! It's so easy to get the nails really short and you don't have to worry about clipping into the nail pulpa.

Just a heads up if you would like to buy one. The dremel uses 110 V and you'll have to buy a transformer (transforming our 220 V to 110V) to recharge the battery - otherwise the charger will quickly smell like burned plastic when you put it in the outlet ;o)

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