Handling Systems and Seminars

This blog post subject has been on my mind for ages. I suspect it is a bit of a sensitive one, because everyone seems to think that their system is the best.


I have been participating in a lot of seminars over the years with lots of different international competitors. They have all been great at teaching, but every time I've had a working spot on a handling seminar I have felt like my handling was falling apart afterwards. I feel confused and clumsy, and it effects my dog.

I don't think one handling system is better than the other. I don't think you shouldn't do blind crosses simply because you use a system that doesn't allow it. If you like blind crosses then use them. Take for example the GD system versus someone using blind crosses like former world champion Lisa Frick. Her dog knows what she means with her handling even though she uses blind crosses extensively.

My point being you can participate in handling seminars with the worlds best handles and still don't be the best of the best your self. It is not about who's teaching or who's system you are using it is about the mutual understanding between you and your dog.

When Cosmo was a puppy I told my self that this time I would do it my way. But when he won into class 3 in a jiffy, I panicked and didn't believe in my training and handling and so I started listening to peoples well-meaning advise. I participated in handling courses, but every seminar literally screwed everything up for us. I was confused and so was Cosmo.

I finally believe in my handling and it works for me and my dogs. We have an understanding and it doesn't affect our runs if we don't train for several month. The handling stays the same and it is therefore easy to understand and remember for all for us.

I not saying you shouldn't participate in seminars! I'm just saying maybe you should be picky as to what you adopt into you system. For me a spot on a seminar as an observer is so much more beneficial than a working spot. This way I can watch those on a working spot trying to adapt new moves into their system. I can then choose which moves I liked and teach them to my dogs at home.

I don't think you will win the WC because you use a specific handling system. I think you will win because you have a very special connection with you dog.