All Good Things Comes in Threes - Part 1

They say that all good things comes in threes, but how come things you have been looking forward to for years manages to present them self within the same week?

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This past week has been pretty hectic and overwhelming but freaking amazing as well! I will tell you all about it, but if I told you everything at once it would make the longest post ever, so I will start with the one that is the easiest to write about.

My new equipment arrived this week! A seesaw, a dog walk and an A frame. I have been whishing for rubberized contacts for years and now they are finally here. Since my own wooden dog walk is literally falling apart I thought it was about time to get some new. They are made from aluminum and have thick shock absorbent rubber surface. And of course they are from Alutec Agility in Germany. The best thing is that the A frame has wheels! No more heavy lifting.

For me rubberized contacts is the only way to go. Hated teaching running contacts on my old wooden dog walk with sanded surface. Just not safe for the dogs. But now they are here so my you rest in peace all wooden dog walk :o)

2012-10-09 18.12.37