All Good Things Comes in Threes - Part 2

Last week Tim and I flew all the way to Las Vegas to pick up our new puppy! IMG_1642

The long flight, the endless hours of paperwork/phone calls and the hassle with the USDA endorsement is already forgotten - all the hard work and worries was so worth it. She is the most amazing little puppy.

She managed a 17 hours flight/overlay like it was no big deal. She met the other dogs and acted like she had known them all her life. She jumps in to the arms of strangers and has her tail held high everywhere she goes.

Photo below is taken at McCarran airport while waiting to board.

2012-10-04 15.53.58

Not only does she have a temperament to die for but her body structure is everything I ever dreamed of! Agile, balanced and so well angulated that you won't believe it (I am not talking show ring conformation!). She was definitely worth waiting for.

photo (35)

She has great tug drive and will tug on anything including your hands, sleeves, shoe laces and Poncho's tail which he by the way isn't very fond of.

She has been with me to class, out walking in the woods twice, at the train station and on multiple car rides. Tomorrow she will be going to her first trial as a spectator.

For now she will be enjoying puppyhood and learning the basics of life.  If time permits I will be updating the blog weekly on what she's been up to. Here is a couple of videos of her first days in Denmark.

FYI I didn't choose her. Her breeder chose her for me. Neither did I decide on parents, litter, gender, coat color etc. I only asked for a specific temperament and body structure.

I won't get into how I chose the breeder but let's just say that I to date haven't found anyone else that breeds awesome body structure and great temperament as consistently as she does.

In case you are wondering: No we haven't decided on name yet, but she already has tons of nicknames. The favorites are The terrorist and Killer Queen.