Vet check-up

All five dogs visited the Vet this week. It was Sol's first visit and she was her usual outgoing self: when she had kissed everyone she started playing tug with nurses' sleeve and then she fell asleep under a chair.

photo (38)

Everyone was healthy and got their vaccines. Sol didn't mind the vet examining her opposed to Bob and Zap who hate being examined. Zap looked like his whole world is falling apart, and he was of course the only one squeaking when he got his shot. Bob handles it a bit better, but isn't complete comfortable with it. Liva is a food addict so as long as there is treats she will accept anything. Poncho instantly started to offer different behaviors when I lifted him on to the examination table - he likes being the center of attention ;o)

Sol had gained 1.2 kg in two weeks, which makes her a kilo heavier than her brothers! Zap, my sporting pony, was 21 kg and 2.5 kg heavier than his brother Bob. Poncho could loose some weight as he is at 20.8 kg. Teeny Liva was 15 kg as usual.

I have scheduled a chiropractor appointment for next week. Sol's breeder had the pups check several times, but I like to get my puppies checked out often has they easily get bumped or squashed while playing. Poncho's jumping is way off again, so he will benefit greatly from at visit as well.