Chiropractor Visit

Sol had her first visit at our chiropractor here in Denmark. She has been checked by a chiropractor several times in her first eight weeks of life - I love when breeders take such good care of their puppies.


Zap and Poncho had a check up as well. Poncho was the one most in need of a treatment. He hasn't been to a check up since May and that is way too long for him to go without treatment. We are now back to treatments every second month, just to keep him fit and happy.

I have been giving Zap and his health a lot of thought over these past months. He is such a sweet dog and has so much potential, but when it comes to his physical condition I am afraid that he is not up for the task of agility. I so do not want to retire a three year old dog! He loves playing agility but if I can't find a way to managed his on/off lameness on his right hind leg, then retirement is probably the only way to go.

FYI I don't over train my dogs! I spend more time on keeping my dogs in great shape than I do running agility. Zap has had this condition all his life. X-rays has been taken but there is nothing indicating a problem, which is very frustrating. The theory is that he strains the hock joint of his right hind leg during ruff play and when weaving.

The chiropractor tried a new approach to his treatment. We will wait and see how it works for him but if it doesn't help him, then I'll probably need to get a CT scan of his leg. To have a diagnosis on him would really give me some peace of mind as I would be able to take his condition into account and make the appropriate adjustments.

Sol had a great time at the chiropractor - lots of new things to check out. She had one vertebrae that was a little displaced due to the fact that she ran straight into Zap a couple of days before our scheduled appointment. Otherwise there was nothing else that needed fixing. The chiropractor kept telling me 'she has some great pair of legs' - and yes she does.