Breaking Change?

In my last blog post I wrote that the chiropractor tried a new treatment for Zap. I told her he kept struggling with the weaves and an on/off lameness on his right hind leg. Í told her I was afraid that I had to retire him at an early age.


Last night Zap had his first training session post treatment. It was indoor on carpet with other dogs training near by. Basically a surface and an environment that normally would have caused him to fail in the weaves. But he didn't miss one single pole or entry!!!! After 1½ year of struggling with the weaves you can only begin to imaging my level of excitement!

Today 24 hours post training there is no lameness, no twisting of the paw whilw trotting and no anti-social Zap! I couldn't be happier for him - he had a blast last night at training. He growled his happy growl over and over again.

Huge thanks to Bibs for trying this new approach to Zap's treatment and fingers crossed for his further recovery.

I am way behind on the updates on Sol - blaming it on my exams!