Sol: Week 12-14

I am way behind on updates. Exams has taken up most of my time these last few weeks and free time has been spend with the dogs and not in front of my computer.

photo (2)

Can't believe it has already been more then a month since we flew to Las Vegas to pick up Sol. What a trip, but it was so worth it

Due to my classes I had to go to Holstebro for a couple of days in the end of October. My mom and Tim joined forces and took good care of my doggies while I was gone. When I returned home my puppy suddenly had long legs and pricked ears - what a transformation in only three days.

Sol's self taught accomplishments of these past weeks:

  • Jumping on to the garden table
  • Jumping on to the couch
  • Jumping on to the coffee table
  • Jumping on to the kitchen table

Yep the theme is jumping! I try to minimize it as much as possible, but that is a bit of a challenge.

Sol is rocking her recalls. They are fast and reliable. So fare I've been able to call her of off other dogs, humans and wild life. She generalizes new behaviors quickly to new environments, which makes everything so much easier.

photo (3)

The first month here she mainly got to socialize with my students well-behaved dogs. During the last couple weeks I have taken her and Liva to a dog park near my parents home a couple of times. Sol was her usual outgoing self but still very sensible around unfamiliar dogs. Her excellent recalls turned a couple of heads and lots of positive comments.

We are still working on basic skills like recalls, crate games and impulse control. She is a great tugger and will tug anytime, anywhere and on any toy I offer her. She returns her turn immediately and will jump on me if I don't grab hold of it fast enough. Her 'out' command is also pretty reliable.

Switch from treat to toy and vice versa is coming along nicely. She is very food driven, but we have establish a good balance between food and toy drive.

Collar grab games, clipping the leash on/off, putting on collar and harness are also part of our daily games. As you see no fancy agility so fare, just basic skills.

She is really a blast to be around. Always up to no good, but never turning down a nice cuddle on the couch.