My Christmas Gift

Surprise surprise: A dog training device!

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Once again my family all pitched in and got me this remote controlled ball thrower. It is no secret that I am absolutely awful at throwing things, my hand/eye coordination could definitely need some fixing. I have on several occasions hit the dog with a ball or tug toy in an attempt to throw it as a reward. Poncho doesn't mind as long as he gets the toy, but Zap on the other hand does mind. I accidentally hit him a few times and he definitely thinks I am punishing him - which is so not the case!

My aim is pretty much none existing especially if I am required to run and throw at the same time. I am much better at pressing a remote at the correct time.

The ball thrower is mainly for our running contacts training, but I can think of many situations were it will come in handy. Practically any situation were you would want to reward at a distance or you simply don't want the dog to trace the reward from you hand.