But She Would Look So Pretty in Pink

Finally I've got a girlie dog and of course I would like to dress her up in pretty pink or purple collars.

photo (1) But Sol is the kind of dog that loves to play in mud and roll in the most stinky items she can find - preferably dead rodents or poop. Let's just say her collars and harness get's to see the inside of the washer often!

The other day I went for a walk with my friend Mette and her BC Chess. Since all the snow has melted away the dogs got to run like crazy. Within the first half of our walk Sol had found some smelly stuff she felt the need to rub on the side of her head and neck. You know, the classical elegant slide, that you hardly even notice, but nevertheless enough to add sufficient smell to ensure a bath.  At some point the dogs discovered the bones of a dead deer. Zap, Poncho and Chess came away from it as soon as we called, but Sol grabbed one front legs and would not let go. I tried lots for different things to get her to let go, but a deer leg does apparently have much more value than a kong wubba - go figure ;o) Just imagine this: one smelly, muddy puppy running around with a deer leg!

At some point Sol accidentally let go of the leg. As Mette hid the leg I got Sol's focus redirected to the toy and lots of treats. 

So no pretty, shiny collars for Sol just yet as they would not stay pretty and shiny for long. We'll just stick with those simple, easily washable nylon collars, but she would look sooo pretty in this one 'sigh'