Want Cheaper Contact Equipment?

I've been going on and on for ages on aluminum contact equipment with rubber surface, but the fact is you don't have to spend 25.000+ DKK to get good equipment.


You can actually get reasonably prized contact equipment with rubber surface if you don't mind it is made of wood instead of aluminum. For instance you can get a wooden sanded surfaced dog walk for less than 3000 DKK.

I started out with a wooden dog walk, but I am not the kind of person that packs all the equipment away when I am done training, so the dog walk was left out in the rain a few times too many. When I decided on buying new equipment there was therefore no doubt in my mind that I wanted to invest in rubberized aluminum contacts. If you don't mind storing you equipment then wooden contacts is a great choice.

Sanded surface can work as well, but if you will be training running contacts I would advise you to have rubber slats instead of wooden ones. The impact when stepping on a wooden slat is greater than if the slat is made of rubber. Alternatively you can leave out the slats entirely.

Here's a couple of links to manufactures in the UK, that produces wooden contacts with rubber or sanded surface.

Adam's Agility
First Contact Agility

If you already have the equipment, but would like rubber surface than you can use either Contactacoat or the premade rubber skins from First Contact Agility. Jump for Joy has premade skins as well, but sometimes they don't want to ship overseas.