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Tim just finished reconstructing The website is now a blog again. Tim did a fantastic job and I am amazed by the outcome!

I won't be blogging on BlogSpot any more, so please subscribe to the RSS feed at the right sidebar. You can also subscribe to me on twitter and YouTube and get the newest results from trails or watch videos of my dogs and our training.

I haven't blogged at all in the new year. I would usually write about the past year, but it's been a year with many difficult and unpleasant experiences and decisions. Even though 2009 gave me many good times and nothing less than 3 awesome dogs, you still need 10 good things to make up for one bad, so 2009 will not be remembered for the positive.


But we're starting a new and I think it's going to be a fantastic year. Even though I really don't feel human at the moment. I'm studying my ass off having 5 exams from January 25th to 29th. The dogs thinks is sucks - two walks a day isn't enough the please them.
January 30 I'm teaching jumping skills in Horsens. This will be nice for a change since I haven't taught a class in a really long time.
Zap and Bob will be a year next month, can't believe how fast time flies. To me they are still puppies. Poncho will turn 3 in April and according to the plan we'll be ready for trailing in spring.

I'll end this post with a belated Happy New Year to all of you - hope you'll help make it a wonderful  year.