VAS AG2 Courses

Here's the Agility grade 2 courses from last weekend's trial. Course design by Per VestergÄrd.

I ran these two courses with Poncho.


  • Lead out to take off side of 2. Front cross as the dogs comes towards me.
  • Basic pine wheel handling 2-4 with dog on right.
  • Blind cross between tunnel exit and long jump.
  • Dog on right for 6 to 9
  • Front cross as dog exits the weaves
  • Ketschker on 11
  • Dog on left for obstacle 12 to 14
  • Tunnel exit to 16 dog on right
  • Ketschker on 16
  • Rear cross 19 to 20

Did have a bit of a rough start at this course as Poncho broke his start line stay and refused to lay down on my verbal command. I decided to go back and repossition him knowing I'd get a refusal for breaking the plane of 1 and starting the time at the same time. Got a refusal on 11 for a very badly timed ketschker otherwise a close to perfect run.


  • Lead out half way between 1 and 2
  • Verbal cue for right turn plus lateral motion off of 2
  • Front cross 3 to 4
  • Ketschker on 4 and dog on right for long jump and tunnel
  • Blind cross between tunnel exit and 7
  • Dog on left for 7 through 13
  • Push after A-frame to 13
  • Front cross between 14 and 15
  • Ketschker on 15
  • Dog on left for 16 to 19

A way to late front cross on 14 resulted in a dropped bar followed by a refusal on the weaves. Should probably have wrapped the wing of 15 instead of using a Ketscher as Poncho came straight back to me and didn't see the weaves at all. We did get judged to a missed down contact on the dog walk. I don't quite agree with the judge on that one - don't think he was expecting a running dog walk ;o)

Next competition will be in April on grass. Wishing for the snow to smelt away soon!