Exactly 6 months ago Today

I met Sol for the first time. Sol will be 8 months on Sunday and she is everything I asked for. 

Sol's self-chosen theme of the month is speed and hitting the tug HARD! She doesn't slow down before she grabs on to the toy and in the process she likes to slam her front legs into my thigh. My thighs a very colorful at the moment and I am wondering whether or not I will be trialing with her in shorts. LOL! Oh well, she doesn't lack drive!

So 8 months old and she can already outrun Zap. I might have expected her to accelerate faster than him, but I didn't expect her to outrun him.

The photos below are from Oct 2012 to March 2013.

2012-10-04 15.53.582012-10-04 15.24.15photo (17)IMG_1683PS0A0592photo (1)IMG_1808photo (11)