18 Years Ago Today…

… It all started…


My first dog, Fille, was born 18 years ago today. I was 11 years old and I had been begging my parents for a dog (well not just a dog but a border collie) for well over a year before they finally gave in.

1996.04.11 I remember this day very clearly as it was the day I convinced my mom to call a breeder that was expecting puppies and as it turned out the puppies were being born as my mom phoned the breeder. I was sitting very close by as they talked listening intensely to their conversation and snapped up words like red border collies, large litter and so on. A few days later we visited the kennel, met all their dogs and saw the puppies for the first time. I knew right then and there which puppy I wanted and 8 weeks later I got to take home the puppy of my dreams!


… and then there was no turning back. I don’t think that I nor my family had imagined what bringing this dog into our lives would lead to. At the age of 14 I began competing in agility with Fille and was instantly hooked, at 16 I breed my first and to this date only litter, at 18 I went to England to pick up Cosmo, and the list goes on. From adding a family pet to the household to 18 years later getting my degree in veterinary medicine and about to specialize in veterinary sports medicine all the meanwhile spending my free time on dogs and dog training and as a student without scholarship earning my way through college by teaching agility. My passion for dogs and interest in agility has already brought me halfway around the world and I have met the most wonderful people that I am honored to call friends.

The future holds amazing opportunities and my calendar is filled with travels, education and all of it related to agility or veterinary medicine. I am extremely blessed to be living the life I dreamt of 18 years ago.