Exam x 5

After a very intense week of exams I can finally relax. During this week also referred to as Hell Week I had 5 exams and managed to get sick during one of them. Now I have to wait about 3 weeks for the result. I really really hope I've passed all of them. I've been studying for at least 8 hours a day for a month, so I feel like I've done my best.

The dogs think the last month as been really sucky. 2 walks a day with a very absence owner and only little play and training - yeah it's been hard on them :)
Bob got neutered on Tuesday. He's been a bit over the top lately when he was interacting with other dogs so we decided it was for the best. Playing hardcore when your opponent is a pit bull isn't very wise.

Because of all the snow I haven't been able to train that much agility with the dogs. Poncho's weave training haven't gotten that much further, we still have a lot of proofing to do. Poncho can weave 12 poles without a problem, but we still need to test different poles; PVC vs. wooden poles and different invoirments. Poncho is starting actual agility training next week. I'm so exciting about this, but I'm a bit worried; last time I did extensive agility training with him he was in desperate need of a chiropractor afterwards. Let's hope that the back on track rug and hock wrap helps a bit.

Zap flatwork is really improving. We've been doing Susan Garrett's one jump exercises with a speed bump and his rear crosses is really coming along. He turns swiftly and accurately.



The best news is that we got an A-frame to day; rubber surface and all :) Wow - I can't wait to try it - it will be great for our running contact training. We're going to kick some serious but this year. Well, hopefully Poncho will. Zap and Bob won't be ready to compete until 2011.

That's all for now - Just hoping is will stop snowing so I can get to Horsens tomorrow for a jumping skills class.