Trick Tutorial; Backing around Handler

It's great to be able to blog again without feeling guilty because you know you should be studying. I thought this weekend should have been a busy one since I was teaching a jumping skills class in Horsens Saturday and had a day of agility planed Sunday. But the winter weather got in my way and I had to cancel both the seminar and the training session. Hoping for much more agreeable weather on the 20th as I will try and make my way to Horsens again.

Someone commented on one of my YouTube videos asking how I teach my dogs to walk backwards around me. A really good question and I thought it would make a great tutorial. This is my first video tutorial, and I really hope you'll find it usefull.

Before you begin your dog needs to be aware of the fact that he posses two hind legs. So I make sure my dogs can back away from me on a strait line before I teach them this trick. It is also really helpful if your dog knows how to follow a hand target or a target stick.
To keep a great success rate I limit the space my dog can move in, which means I might start out in a corner of the room.