One of those experiences you would have lived happily without

This is a blog post on a subject I never in my wildest dream thought I should write about! But in order to deal with it I feel like this might help me since my mind lingers to it.

Last Wednesday I was assaulted by a man for asking him to call his dog away from mine. His dog has bitten Zap earlier therefore I saw no reason for the dogs to greet. I was on my way to the park and as we approached I saw the man with his dogs off leash inside the park. I decide to wait outside for him to pass since I did not want any confrontation. As I stood there by the curb his Doberman ran out of the park towards us, and naturally I asked him to call his dog. This pissed him off beyond compare. He came out the park charging at me with a stick in his hand so I had to take a few steps back to keep from falling over. He yelled I should keep my mouth shut and then he hit me on the left side of my face with the stick. Then he said that if I open my mouth he would kill me. I tried to push him away from me but he hit me again across my right cheek. I just stood there paralyzed as he left me repeating several times his words on killing me.

Of course I didn't have my phone with me but a man saw what had happened and agreed to be my witness. I went home, got the dogs in the car and drove to the police station when I finally realized what happened. I cried none stop while I told the police officer the story. The police send my to the emergency room to get a report on the damage - Only superficial damage, but chocked and scared as hell!

Below: me looking like hell out side the emergency room - my sister insisted on getting proof of the damage; a swollen and sore cheek.



The only thing I can do now is to wait for the police to catch him.

I went to crisis counseling on Friday which helped a bit, but I'm still chocked and frightened. Most of all because I never thought this would happen to me and because I feel like my whole world is turned up side down. Some times I can start crying for no good reason (which makes me feel so silly)and then I tell my self an idiot like him isn't going to ruin my life. I try to keep my self busy because my mind lingers to assault when I'm not occupied. God, I hope the police will catch him soon! I'm so scared of running in to him and this is all because I didn't want my dogs to get hurt. Some times I really miss Cosmo - he wouldn't have let that man near me.

I have been thinking of the pros and cons of blogging about this, and I'm sorry if you thought this was just another agility related post. But this is part of me now - part of who I am and that's why I'm sharing this experience with you.