Weblogs I follow

Many people ask me how I know so much about agility and what's going on with new training methods and so on. Since you asked here's a list of some of the blogs I find educational or inspiring.

Susan Garrett
Surprise surprise. On top of my list is Susan Garrett's blog. Besides insight in the everyday life of a great dog training you also get dog training tips and much more.

Running Contacts
A great blog to follow if you are or have any intentions of training running contacts. This blog covers every method and combinations. One of the things I really like is you get to see videos others and their progress.

Agility Nerd
The ultimate blog to follow for any agility fanatic. Besides being the creator of Googility Steve blogs about every aspect of agility. On agility nerd you'll also find a box drill generator which I have used many times. Very inspirational!

Nancy Gyes
Winner of FCI worlds with Riot in 2001. Great dog trainer, blogs about her new dog Scoop and their training.

Justine Davenport
Canadian world team member. Justine has been running shelties but she has a young upcoming border collie. Justine uses Greg Derrett's handling system.

Jenny Damm
Swedish world team member with several dogs and FCI world champion 2002. Owner of Zap and Bob's dad Elvis. This blog is only in Swedish.

Daisy Peel
Winner of the USDAA GP finals with Solar. Solar has running contacts. Daisy been on the American world team with her other dog Jester.

Team Small Dog
This is a blog I started following recently. I read it because the author has that sense of humor that brightens your day.

This is just some of the blogs I follow. Feel free to share some of your favorite blogs by adding a comment or add your own - I might just add it to my list.

Today it's Zap and Bob's first birthday - time really flies. They are not so small and cute anymore but long legged and full of hormones.