Finally! My very own Manners Minder

It came all the way from the UK. It was pretty expensive, but I already like it very much and so does the dogs. With the Manners Minder I will be able to reward only the correct responses of our running contact training, given I manage to only press the remote at the right time.

I had some problems with timing and placement of reward. If I used a target without a treat the dogs would not run at full speed over the plank. If I left a cookie at the target the dogs would be reward for correct and incorrect responses. The situation was the same if I left a toy in front at the plank.
I also tried throwing the toy, but the dogs would trace the toy from my hand which led to reduced speed and head held high.

Hopefully the manners minder will help me solve this problems.

Our training session this afternoon clearly implied the benefits of the Manners Minder - Greater success rate than ever by only rewarding correct responses..Both of the pups are back at square one with the plank on the ground - I want to do it right this time.

Here's some photos from the dogs first encounter with the Manners Minder. So much fun to see how they reacted.


What to do to get the treats out?!


I don't get it!


What if I stare at it?


Ok, I'll just wait for the cookies to pop out.


Press the button!!


The treats comes out of this hole.


Press the button, lady!


No cookie?!


Where did the cookies go?