Final Countdown

Only 4 days to go and we're of to out first trial. I'm very exited because this is the ultimate way to proof our training and because it's been a year since I last competed and I've really missed it.

As I mention earlier Poncho will only be running the jumping classes because his running contact needs more training. Entering the agility classes would be like setting him up to fail knowing perfectly well that it might happen.

Today we did a bit of handling mostly working on my own timing. If any bars are knocked down on Saturday it really is 'great dog, shame about the handler' because Poncho does such a great job and reacts appropriately to my handling. I will get the runs on video and post them on youtube.

Tomorrow we are participating in an agility class in VAS because the  environment is very similar to that of trial. We are not going to do much agility as we're going to work on stimulus control and our warm up routine.

2 very muddy dogs after a walk in the woods.