2x2: Four Straight Poles!

We're weaving! or at least Zap is, I'm just trying to throw the toy at the right time without hitting him. Nonetheless Zap had his first go at four straight poles today.

He did pretty good. We've been working on the weaves for nine days - Not in a row. Zap had a couple of days of now and then. I'm in no hurry to get to 12 poles so there's time for Zap to reload mentally and physically.

Most of the time we did only one session a day. If I took Zap out for another session later the same day his success rate would drop drastically. I guess one session a day is enough for him mentally. Totally he has had less than one hour of training.

This is a video of his progress during the nine days of training. Eight days that is, since the first session on day one was quite impulsive and I haven't got it on video.