Where to buy agility equipment

To those of you who have been asking for it; here's a list of distributors from whom I bought my obstacles.

Agility Tunnels
This is where I got my tunnel from. Light weight and lots of colors to choose from

WT Metall
Aluminum contact obstacles with rubber surface. I bought my A-frame here and the only thing I don't like about it is that the surface is painted rubber and not thick enough to be shock absorbent.
I do like his hurdles very much indeed.

Agility Alutec
My all time favorite. Valentin makes aluminum obstacles with the best rubber surface ever. It is 1.5 cm tick and shock absorbent. Both my table and seesaw are from Alutec. When my wooden dog walk falls apart there's no doubt about where I'm ordering a new one from.


Agility Special
if you are more into carpet coated contact obstacle agility special is the place to buy it.

Makes those great break-away tires. Got one for my birthday and of course manufacture of the equipment used at the world championship several years. Their equipment is pretty expensive and in my opinion you'll get the exact same quality for lesser money at Alutec Agility.

Electronic mats for contacts/tables and remote controlled ball throwers can be bought at Tunwill's. I haven't actually tried any of their products, but Silvia Trkman is using the electronic mat and ball thrower to teach running contacts.