Weaves and Contacts

I took advantage of the awesome weather we were having last weekend and painted the dog walk. During the week it dried enough for us to use it in training.

We proceed with Poncho's running contacts. To my great relief he remembered the criterion even though it's been 2 months since our last RC session.

Zap got to do some big boy training as he tried out his 2on2off behavior on the dog walk for the first time. His weaves are coming along nicely.

See how well they both did in the videos below.
It's definitely an advantage for me to video tape my training sessions. When running Zap over the dog walk I was sure that I didn't reduce speed when approaching the contact, but as you can see on the video 2001.02.25 Zap 2on2off I do. I don't want Zap to be dependent on my body cues to perform his 2on2off behavior. Plan for next session: Test behavior against speed, deceleration and acceleration.