Vet check-up

The dogs had their yearly check-up at the Vet's this week. General health check, weighing and vaccination.

Zap has gained 2 kilos since November which is great news. Liva weighs only 14 kilos - the vet thought she was a puppy and the assistant found her to be a very handy sized border collie.

Liva also got her hips X-rayed. She had one taken last year in March when she was just a year old. I have never seen the photo and basically I think one year of age is too young to get an official status.

Nevertheless the photo is send off to the kennel club for evaluation. I should get the result within the next few weeks, but I would be surprised if the status has changed much since the first photo. See for yourself below along with the X-ray of Zap taken in November.

This first one is of Liva. 2/3 of the caput femoris should lie inside the acetabulum.



This one is of Zap. Wasn't as picky with the positioning since it wasn't send to the kennel club for evaluation and official status.


Weight and height of the dogs - just for fun

Liva - height: 45.8 cm, weight: 14.0 kg
Bob - height 52.8 cm, weight: 19.5 kg
Poncho - height: 53.5 cm, weight 20.5 kg
Zap - height: 56.2 cm, weight 21.5 kg