Goodbye 2012-Hello 2013

So much happened in 2012 - it has truly been an amazing year!


Besides from picking up Sol and getting married my K9 Performance classes really took off as I found the joy of teaching again. Seeing students progress and reaching goals is an amazing thing. I hope everyone who participated enjoyed it as much as I did and that I will see you again in 2013.

We didn't compete much during 2013 as I had to work on my attitude. The fact that everyone kept telling me 'you only lack that last piece of the puzzle' really got to me. This made me defined my self as always being so close but never running clean. In the few trials we actually did participate in Poncho almost always had the fastest time, but a knocked bar or some other minor mistake and Zap struggled with the weaves. Always one fault or refusal never clean. I decided my time was better spend training and having fun with my dogs at home then at trials. I wasn't really contempt with this solution as I do enjoy competing, but it was necessary. It gave me a change to believe in my self, my dogs and my training again.

I've decided on a theme for 2013 which is 'Don't Hold Back' so this year will be different from 2012. Life is too short for anything else and I have goals to reach!

Fortunately is seems as though the chiropractor made a huge progress regarding Zap's treatment. He hasn't had any problems weaving since October which is amazing. Maybe in 2013, his third year of competing, he will win out of Class 1.

Here's to a wonderful 2013 - May it be everything you dreamed of!